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Cheesecake Factory News

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Cheesecake Factory Q1 Comps to Decline Due to Coronavirus
Cheesecake Factory (CAKE) anticipates first-quarter fiscal 2020 comparable restaurant sales to be down nearly 13%.

Published: Apr 03, 2020 @ 08:20:00 PM
Source: YAHOO!

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The Cheesecake Factory Takes a 46% Comparable Store Sales Hit in March
With the U.S. economy reeling in March from shutdowns, quarantines, and other disruptions originating with the COVID-19 epidemic, The Cheesecake Factory (NASDAQ: CAKE) saw its restaurant comparable ...

Published: Apr 03, 2020 @ 07:56:00 AM
Source: The Motley Fool on

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Cheesecake Factory: Whether It Can Remain Solvent Through Shutdown
Current dividend yield is 8.9%. Company announced it cannot pay its rent due on April 1st. Company announced expense reductions. Cash balance low and cash burn ...

Published: Mar 31, 2020 @ 02:35:00 AM
Source: Seeking Alpha

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Cheesecake Factory Shares Upgraded to Buy After `Exaggerated Selloff'
Cheesecake Factory shares were upgraded to buy at Gordon Haskett, which wrote that the selloff in the restaurant chain's shares was "exaggerated." The firm’s analysts noted in a commentary that the ...

Published: Mar 31, 2020 @ 11:52:00 AM

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Cheesecake Factory says it’s not paying rent in April, has furloughed thousands of employees
Cheesecake Factory Inc. is doing what a lot of tenants would like to do come April 1: withholding their rent. The restaurant chain said that ...

Published: Mar 27, 2020 @ 02:10:00 AM
Source: MarketWatch

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Cheesecake Factory: April rent checks won't be in the mail
Major restaurant chains confront dramatic slowdowns or outright halt to business due to rapid spread of coronavirus.

Published: Mar 27, 2020 @ 03:03:00 AM
Source: CBS News

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The Cheesecake Factory Provides Preliminary First Quarter Fiscal 2020 Sales Update
The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated (NASDAQ: CAKE) today provided a preliminary first quarter fiscal 2020 sales update given the impact of COVID-19.

Published: Apr 02, 2020 @ 08:17:00 PM
Source: YAHOO!

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Can You Have Your Cake, And Eat It Too? The Cheesecake Factory Doesn't Think So.
The Cheesecake Factory has told its landlords it will not be sending in rent checks for the month of April, as its eateries remain closed off to the public to try to help halt the spread of COVID-19.

Published: Mar 29, 2020 @ 03:12:00 AM
Source: Forbes

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Cheesecake Factory Furloughs 41,000 Hourly Workers, CEO Takes Pay Cut
Cheesecake Factory (NASDAQ:CAKE) has furloughed 41,000 hourly workers due to the impact of the coronavirus. The furloughed workers will keep their benefits through June 1. They will also be provided a ...

Published: Mar 30, 2020 @ 07:17:00 AM
Source: The Motley Fool

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Published: Apr 06, 2020 @ 01:11 AM
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The Cheesecake Factory Is Giving Away A Free Slice Of Cheesecake With Online Orders Soon
The Cheesecake Factory reached out to let us know that "starting on Monday, March 30 through Thursday, April 16, [they are] offering a complimentary free slice of cheesecake for all orders of $30 or ...

Published: Mar 27, 2020 @ 01:13:00 PM
Source: YAHOO!

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Cheesecake Factory has — what else — free cheesecake for deliveries
The thought of ordering from Cheesecake Factory and getting cheesecake seems like a given. In fact, it’s so obvious, the restaurant is throwing it in there for you for free. Through April 16, orders ...

Published: Mar 30, 2020 @ 10:02:00 PM
Source: Orlando Sentinel

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The Cheesecake Factory is furloughing nearly 41,000 restaurant workers and cutting some of its executives salaries by 20%
The company told MarketWatch that these workers will still be eligible to receive benefits and insurance until June 1.

Published: Mar 27, 2020 @ 12:49:00 AM
Source: Business Insider

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