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Edward Snowden News

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Permanent Record: Edward Snowden is the 'very rare computer geek who can write well'
Last year’s most unoriginal birthday present was Michelle Obama’s Becoming. This year’s is surely whistle-blower Edward Snowden’s memoir Permanent Record. This speaks against neither tome. On the ...

Published: Oct 11, 2019 @ 10:06:00 PM
Source: The National Blogs

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Edward Snowden: The man who exposed the electronic surveillance of everyone by US intelligence
In the final chapter of his memoir Permanent Record, Edward Snowden issues a warning to his readers. He writes, “[I]t wouldn’t take much for an interested government to find out that you’ve been ...

Published: Oct 11, 2019 @ 06:20:00 PM
Source: World Socialist Web Site

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How Hong Kong refugees who sheltered Edward Snowden found a new life in Canada
Pale skin, worried eyes and one plastic bag—this is what Vanessa Rodel remembers seeing when Edward Snowden appeared in front of her for the first time in June 2013. He needs sleep, Rodel thought. In ...

Published: Oct 11, 2019 @ 04:42:00 AM

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U.S. wants to seize all money Edward Snowden makes from new book
Edward Snowden speaks via video link as he takes part in a discussion about his book "Permanent Record" with German journalist Holger Stark in Berlin, Germany. [Reuters] The United States filed a ...

Published: Oct 11, 2019 @ 02:17:00 PM
Source: The Standard Digital

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Edward Snowden Deserves to Be Tried by a Jury of His Peers, Just Like Everyone Else
You will receive occasional promotional offers for programs that support The Nation’s journalism. You can read our Privacy Policy here. Snowden has said that if he’s allowed a jury trial, he’ll “be in ...

Published: Oct 09, 2019 @ 01:22:00 AM
Source: The Nation

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Permanent Record: The memoir of the most famous whistleblower of our times – Edward Snowden
My name is Edward Joseph Snowden. I used to work for the government, but now I work for the public. It took me nearly three decades to realise that there was a distinction.” Thus begins Permanent ...

Published: Oct 12, 2019 @ 10:48:00 AM
Source: The Financial Express

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5 things to know about Edward Snowden’s ‘Permanent Record’
Edward Snowden, a former contractor in the United States intelligence community, released his memoir on Sept. 17, six years after his disclosures of classified materials that revealed the National ...

Published: Oct 10, 2019 @ 04:45:00 AM
Source: YAHOO!

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Published: Oct 14, 2019 @ 02:57 AM
Source: Tierra Hosting

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Edward Snowden to make appearance at conference
Fugitive U.S. intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden will speak next month by video at Web Summit in Lisbon, billed by the organizers as the world’s largest annual tech conference. Organizers of ...

Published: Oct 01, 2019 @ 09:20:00 PM
Source: New York Post

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Why Greta Thunberg Has A Better Shot At Winning Nobel Than Edward Snowden
The lists of candidates include former CIA analyst Edward Snowden and several Russian representatives such as Svetlana Ganushkina of the Memorial organisation; the newspaper "Novaya Gazeta", Sergei ...

Published: Oct 10, 2019 @ 05:46:00 AM
Source: NDTV

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Edward Snowden, You Legend!
“He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster; when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.” Snowden insists there’s a serious ...

Published: Oct 03, 2019 @ 10:00:00 PM
Source: CounterPunch

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The Technology 202: Here's what Edward Snowden thinks about Trump's whistleblower
President Trump’s attacks on the whistleblower at the center of his impeachment inquiry aren’t a surprise to Edward Snowden. The individual whose revelations sparked a global debate about surveillance ...

Published: Oct 01, 2019 @ 02:51:00 AM
Source: Washington Post

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Whistleblower Edward Snowden on Trump, Obama & How He Ended Up in Russia to Avoid U.S. Extradition
We conclude our interview with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who has just published his memoir titled “Permanent Record.” In 2013, after quitting his job at the NSA, Snowden attempted to fly from ...

Published: Oct 01, 2019 @ 04:01:00 AM
Source: Democracy Now

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