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Hundreds Of Millions Pledged For Notre Dame Rebuild Not Yet Collected, Archbishop Says News

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Hundreds of millions pledged for Notre Dame rebuild not yet collected, archbishop says
The more than a billion dollars pledged from people around the world to help fund the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral has yet to be collected, the Archbishop of Paris said in a statement, ...

Published: May 15, 2019 @ 06:41:00 AM
Source: Fox News

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Notre-Dame reconstruction plan inspires big promises, unorthodox designs
More than €1 billion ($1.51 billion Cdn) of private money has been pledged ... Church-run Notre-Dame Foundation has taken in just €13.5 million ($20 million Cdn). "The greater part of these donations ...

Published: May 15, 2019 @ 07:40:00 AM

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We Tried to Save Notre Dame Too Late, Says Champion of Cathedral Restoration
Even so, church officials sounded a note of reassurance, saying that they were determined to rebuild the cathedral, no matter the cost. “We have destroyed Notre-Dame, but we have not destroyed the ...

Published: Apr 16, 2019 @ 08:16:00 AM
Source: Time

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Notre Dame: Archbishop of Paris says only a fraction of ‘pledged’ money has been paid
Only a fraction of the money promised by donors to rebuild the Notre Dame cathedral ... had been pledged. “The famous €1bn is guaranteed by no foundation, no authority,” he said in a statement. The ...

Published: May 16, 2019 @ 08:34:00 AM
Source: The Independent on

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Notre Dame Cathedral fire: Nearly $1 billion pledged for restoration
Donors pledge over 700 million euros to rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral https ... in an attic at the church. While hundreds of fire crews were able to prevent the total destruction of one of Europe’s, if ...

Published: Apr 17, 2019 @ 03:13:00 AM
Source: KRMG

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French leader vows to rebuild damaged Notre Dame
PARIS -- French President Emmanuel Macron has promised to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral and says he is seeking international help ... "The worst has been avoided although the battle is not yet totally ...

Published: Apr 15, 2019 @ 06:36:00 AM
Source: fox8

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French President Macron says he wants Notre Dame Cathedral rebuilt in 5 years
At least 300 million euros ($339 million) have been pledged so far to help rebuild the Notre Dame ... yet known. We will rebuild because it is what the French people expect, because it is what our ...

Published: Apr 16, 2019 @ 06:23:00 AM
Source: ABC News

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Notre Dame fire: 'France is crying and the whole world, too'
"Notre Dame is burning, France is crying and the whole world, too, is extremely emotional," the Archbishop of ... are mobilising to help rebuild the damaged parts of the cathedral. Hundreds of ...

Published: Apr 16, 2019 @ 12:03:00 AM
Source: Al Jazeera English

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How to donate to repair Notre Dame after devastating fire
Several of France's wealthiest families have pledged ... faster and rebuild in a little as five years. Here are ways to contribute to the reconstruction of Notre Dame. "Friends of Notre Dame" is a 501 ...

Published: Apr 16, 2019 @ 08:24:00 AM
Source: CBS News

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French president wants Notre Dame rebuilt ‘even more beautiful’ within five years
PARIS (AP) — French President Emmanuel Macron says he wants to see the fire-ravaged Notre Dame cathedral to be rebuilt within five years. Macron said Tuesday in a televised address to the nation that ...

Published: Apr 16, 2019 @ 04:03:00 AM
Source: Live 5 News

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French President Macron says he wants Notre Dame Cathedral rebuilt in 5 years
French President Macron says he wants Notre Dame Cathedral ... aren't yet known. Pécresse said she informed the archbishop of Paris, Michel Aupetit, that the government set aside 10 million euros ...

Published: Apr 15, 2019 @ 10:22:00 PM
Source: YAHOO!

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