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Tupac, Ghostbusters, and a $1200 funk record: this is the untold story of Kirk Crumpler
On the wall of Kirk Crumpler's home studio hangs a framed gold record for a song that ain't afraid of no ghosts: "On Our Own," best known as the theme song from "Ghostbusters II." Crumpler wrote it ...

Published: Sep 16, 2019 @ 08:00:00 AM
Source: SFGate

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Here Are 5 Bombshell Revelations From The Never-Before-Seen Tupac Interview MTV Just Released
Friday (September 13) marked the globally-mourned death anniversary of one of hip-hop’s greatest, Tupac Shakur. Tributes poured in for the fallen rap titan on the 23rd anniversary of his shooting ...

Published: Sep 16, 2019 @ 11:46:00 AM
Source: BET

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Tupac Throwback Interview Released In Full By MTV: Family, Drugs & Mike Tyson
Tupac speaks on crack, his childhood, and more in a never-before-seen interview. It's rare that we hear anything regarding the legendary Tupac Shakur these days. It's been a long time since he passed ...

Published: Sep 16, 2019 @ 05:30:00 AM
Source: HotNewHipHop

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Tupac: Woman claims he performed in St Louis in 2014
Tupac: A woman claims that the star performed in St Louis in 2014. She claims he was performing 'in Club Mercedes.' ...

Published: Sep 16, 2019 @ 08:57:00 PM
Source: Express

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Watch Tupac Shakur's Classic 1995 Venice Boardwalk Interview
(AllHipHop News) Back in 1995, Tupac "2Pac" Shakur was one of the biggest music artists in America. That year saw the West Coast representative earn his first Billboard 200 chart #1 album with Me ...

Published: Sep 16, 2019 @ 02:02:00 AM
Source: AllHipHop

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Watch Tupac Talk About His Family, Baltimore Upbringing & More in Newly Released Full Version of Iconic MTV Interview
The interview occurred on October 27, 1995, just two weeks after he was released from prison. September 23rd was the 23 year anniversary of Tupac’s death. For the occasion, MTV went into their vaults ...

Published: Sep 16, 2019 @ 05:19:00 AM
Source: Okayplayer

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Conspiracy theorists say Tupac is ‘still alive’ after recent clip shows ‘rapper with three young boys’
TUPAC Shakur is alive and the subject of a newly-emerged photo showing a man playing with three young boys, conspiracy theorists have claimed. The rapper died after being shot four times in Las Vegas ...

Published: Sep 13, 2019 @ 10:55:00 AM
Source: The Sun

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A hologram of Whitney Houston is going on tour next spring
First, there was Tupac. Then there was Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly. Soon, Abba are joining the gang. But, as the great woman once sang, there can be miracles when you believe. And now, the latest ...

Published: Sep 17, 2019 @ 01:18:00 AM
Source: Time Out

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Who Is Suge Knight's Son? Details About His New Claims That Tupac Is Still Alive
The rapper's son posted evidence on Instagram that Tupac is alive and living in Malaysia. On September 7, 1996, Tupac Shakur was shot in Las Vegas during a drive-by shooting. He died six days later.

Published: Sep 12, 2019 @ 03:09:00 AM
Source: YourTango

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How Old Was Tupac Shakur When He Was Murdered and What Were His Last Words?
It’s been more than two decades since Tupac Shakur was gunned down in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. But even today the rapper’s tragic passing raises plenty of questions. Some of the events that ...

Published: Sep 13, 2019 @ 10:00:00 AM
Source: The Cheat Sheet

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Published: Sep 17, 2019 @ 08:59 AM
Source: Tierra Host

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All the Tupac Shakur 'sightings' since murder as conspiracy theories heat up
From Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Los Angeles to Somalia and Cuba, there's been no shortage of 'sightings' ...

Published: Sep 12, 2019 @ 09:04:00 PM
Source: Mirror

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Ice Cube Shares Tupac Tribute On Anniversary Of His Death
Over two decades have passed since the death of Tupac Shakur. In the past few years, his name's been at the center of conversation whether or not he's the measuring stick of greatness in the rap game.

Published: Sep 13, 2019 @ 06:34:00 AM
Source: HotNewHipHop

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