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Who Won The Debate News

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Biden May Not Have Won The Debate, But He Still Dominates Media Coverage
Includes all candidates that qualify as “major” in FiveThirtyEight’s rubric. Each network’s daily news coverage is chopped up into 15-second clips, and each clip that includes a candidate ...

Published: Sep 16, 2019 @ 08:22:00 AM
Source: FiveThirtyEight

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The Energy 202: Saudi oil strike renews debate over U.S. energy dominance
“Energy independence won’t be found in a Saudi Oil field, but in an American solar farm.” The GOP-controlled Congress, working with President Obama, lifted the decades-long ban on crude exports in ...

Published: Sep 17, 2019 @ 01:28:00 AM
Source: Washington Post

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Debate Poll Says Warren Won and Castro Lost – But the Race Didn’t Change
The ten Democratic candidates debating in Houston last week. Photo: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images After the two earlier rounds of Democratic presidential debates, there were occasional “snap ...

Published: Sep 16, 2019 @ 11:54:00 PM
Source: New York Magazine

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Jo Swinson says the Lib Dems can win the next general election and scrap Brexit
Swinson will tell the Liberal Democrats' conference that she can defeat "dictator" Boris Johnson and "Brexit by nature" Jeremy Corbyn.

Published: Sep 16, 2019 @ 09:40:00 PM
Source: Business Insider

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This Is the Last Chance for Congress to Score a Win by 2020
The NRA is jumping all over former congressman Beto O’Rourke’s declaration that “Hell yes, we’re going to take AR-15, your AK-47,” at last week’s Democratic primary debate ... President Donald Trump ...

Published: Sep 16, 2019 @ 05:04:00 PM
Source: OZY

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Who Won the Debate? Experts Weigh In
Twitter can’t tell us whether, or how, Thursday’s debate might change voters’ minds. But it can give us the perspectives of some of the people with expertise on primary races: veteran campaign ...

Published: Sep 13, 2019 @ 04:33:00 PM
Source: New York Times

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Why Trump Will Win: 'The Evidence of Things Unseen'
The premise of the Democrat debate was that President Trump is a white supremacist ... but when President Trump starts campaigning in earnest, they won’t know what hit them. Frank Miele, the retired ...

Published: Sep 15, 2019 @ 02:49:00 PM
Source: RealClearPolitics

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Poll: 33 percent of voters undecided on who won third Democratic debate
More people said they were uncertain about who won last week's Democratic presidential debate than picked a specific winner, according to a new Hill-HarrisX poll released on Monday. Thirty-three ...

Published: Sep 16, 2019 @ 08:35:00 AM
Source: The Hill

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Published: Sep 17, 2019 @ 08:59 AM
Source: Your Domain Ninja

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The Third Debate Influenced Those Who Watched … But A Lot Of People Didn’t
But that doesn’t mean there weren’t important shifts in the race. If the debate had a winner, it probably was Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Although the share of voters who were considering ...

Published: Sep 16, 2019 @ 07:22:00 AM
Source: FiveThirtyEight

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Former Clinton strategist: 'Pain-in-the-ass white liberals' won't win Biden the nomination
posited that black voters "pick the winners," to which Begala added, "Not the pain-in-the-ass white liberals on Twitter." Biden, 76, is facing backlash for his comments about slavery and race during ...

Published: Sep 16, 2019 @ 11:05:00 AM
Source: Washington Examiner

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The three big winners of the Houston debate
Thursday’s Democratic debate lacked the sparks and conflicts that characterized the first two outings. It nonetheless produced three clear winners: former vice president Joe Biden, Sen. Kamala D.

Published: Sep 13, 2019 @ 06:37:00 AM
Source: Washington Post

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Who Won the Democratic Debate? Texas
All I can say is that if you are like me, and you remember those years when national Democratic Party leaders treated Texas like it had a near fatal case of cooties — from Michael Dukakis and Bill ...

Published: Sep 13, 2019 @ 08:05:00 AM
Source: New York Times

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