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Then There Were Two: Voyager 2 Reaches Interstellar Space
The Voyager 2 spacecraft, launched in 1977, has reached interstellar space, a region beyond the heliosphere – the protective bubble of particles and magnetic fields created by the Sun – where the only ...

Published: Dec 18, 2018 @ 05:40:00 AM
Source: Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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Voyager 2 just entered interstellar space
NASA hardware tends to last a long time, but few spacecraft can match the longevity of the two Voyager probes. The twin spacecrafts were launched way back in 1977, and now NASA has revealed that Voyag...

Published: Dec 17, 2018 @ 09:32:00 PM
Source: YAHOO!

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Finally! Voyager 2 is Now in Interstellar Space
On August 25th, 2012, the Voyager 1 spacecraft accomplished something no human-made object ever had before. After exploring the Uranus, Neptune, and the outer reaches of the Solar System, the spacecra...

Published: Dec 12, 2018 @ 07:55:00 AM
Source: Universe Today

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Australia is still listening to Voyager 2 as NASA confirms the probe is now in interstellar space
NASA has confirmed that Voyager 2 has joined its twin to become only the second spacecraft to enter interstellar space – where the sun's flow of material and magnetic field no longer affect its ...

Published: Dec 11, 2018 @ 02:34:00 AM

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Voyager 2 Enters Interstellar Space
Forty-one years after it was launched, and five years after its older sister craft accomplished the same goal, the Voyager 2 spacecraft has left the Solar System and entered interstellar space: The Vo...

Published: Dec 14, 2018 @ 09:23:00 AM
Source: Outside the Beltway

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The Sun in its rearview mirror, Voyager 2 is in interstellar space
On Monday, NASA announced that one of its longest-running experiments has started a new phase. Five years after Voyager 1 reached interstellar space, its sibling, Voyager 2, has joined it there.

Published: Dec 11, 2018 @ 03:29:00 AM
Source: Ars Technica

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NASA's Voyager 2 Went Interstellar the Same Day a Solar Probe Touched the Sun
WASHINGTON — Call it a cosmic coincidence: Two probes launched four decades apart, traveled in opposite directions — and used similar instruments to gather milestone data within hours of each other. " ...

Published: Dec 13, 2018 @ 10:25:00 PM

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After more than 40 years, Voyager 2 has gone interstellar
Humanity has another interstellar emissary. After launching in 1977, NASA’s trailblazing spacecraft Voyager 2 has finally escaped the heliosphere, the Sun’s protective bubble of charged particles.

Published: Dec 11, 2018 @ 02:42:00 AM
Source: Astronomy

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Why Voyager 2 Is In Interstellar Space But Not Out of the Solar System
Earlier this week, Voyager 2 became the second human-made object to reach interstellar space. Yet it has a long way to go before it actually leaves our solar system. Here's why. Five years ago, when t...

Published: Dec 13, 2018 @ 06:04:00 AM
Source: Popular Mechanics

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NASA: Voyager 2 spacecraft reaches interstellar space after 4 decades
(CNN) - NASA's Voyager 2 probe, launched in 1977, is now more than 11 billion miles from Earth and has reached interstellar space, the agency said Monday. This is the second time a human-made object h...

Published: Dec 11, 2018 @ 12:45:00 PM
Source: News4Jax

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Published: Dec 18, 2018 @ 10:51 PM
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NASA’s Voyager 2 just became the second human-made object to enter interstellar space ever
NASA’s Voyager 2 spent the better part of the last 40 years making its way through the heliosphere to become the second human-made object in history to enter interstellar space, the government ...

Published: Dec 11, 2018 @ 02:25:00 AM
Source: Vice News

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NASA says its Voyager 2 probe has entered interstellar space, six years after Voyager 1
NASA says its Voyager 2 probe has become the second human-made object to fly into interstellar space — six years after its twin, Voyager 1, became the first. Based on readings from its onboard instrum...

Published: Dec 11, 2018 @ 02:25:00 AM
Source: YAHOO!

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